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Don't You Hate Those Type of Ads?
    Are you lost and confused about this whole online income, home business opportunity  scheme / scam? Are you sick of the hype that makes everything as clear as mud? I certainly am! Not sure what the latest hot internet marketing fad is or if it is a dying one?

    DavidAll of these questions and more I have asked myself recently. I am David Robertson and I created this website to answer some of these questions for people that are interested. I am not about hype or sales pitch or the latest gimmick. I am interested in giving you information as clearly as I can, when I get it.

    I started on this quest by wishing I could make an income from the net and then I stopped and took a step backwards. I actually make a significant portion of my income from the internet already. Not as you may think through internet marketing. Some of you may have arrived at this website from which is my primary website. I am an artist blacksmith and most of my income comes from people ordering courses or equipment from my website.

    My reasons for exploring the internet for opportunities was to find a source of supplemental income. Back in the winter of 2006 I injured my elbow (no not from smithing, I was chopping wood and hit it on the wood pile. Don't ask!) This meant I had to cut back on the smithing to allow it to heal and I started to look for alternative income streams.

    My pursuit has been based on a series of assumptions.
  • Many people have made money off the internet.
  • Some people have made a lot of money of the net.
  • People no smarter than I am have made money on the internet.
  • Making money just requires the right information.
  • Persistence is important.
  • It may take a bit of money to make money.
  • There are expensive ways of doing things and cheap ways of doing things.
  • Expensive ways are usually faster and sometimes better but not always.
  • There is always more to learn.

What I Have Found So Far

Wealthy Affiliate has all the training and the support to lead you to white hat success in Internet marketing.
See the information below.

What I have found so far is that persistence is one of most important things you need to rely on. When I started looking into web based marketing I was hit with a ton of new terms sometimes things are called by several different names. Very confusing. It is very much a process of sifting through all the information and gleaning the truths.

On this website I am going to try and break down what I have learned as clearly as I can. This is set at a novice level because I am definitely a novice in the area of home income opportunitys. I will also provide access to the resources that I have found useful. Many of you who read this will be much more advanced in this field than I am. If you do see glaring mistakes I do appreciate constructive feedback. This site is really to help people break into this intriguing world of online supplemental income.

I don't believe in get rich quick schemes. I do believe that this occupation will soak up a great deal of time on the computer. I also believe that most people can develop a partial income from the internet. Much of it depends on what you are willing to put into it.

Internet Marketing. How it works (or the Tip of the Iceberg).

The general idea is to create a system to earn multiple income streams online that add up to a significant sum. I think of tributaries of a river. Many little streams that individually a child could dam up with his boot. Once 3 or 4 get together it starts to become a force to be reckoned with. This also is the same as not putting all your eggs in one basket.

One thing that all the authors, that I have read, agree upon is that internet marketing is always changing. There is nothing we can do but resign ourselves that we will constantly have to change how we work with it. This I feel is a fundamental truth. Things that worked a year ago may not work now.

I will touch on the topics that I am most comfortable with and will add more as I learn about them. So the following list is by no means complete.

Possible income streams:

Direct sales of products you make or buy for re-sale. My site is this kind.

Selling Advertising eg. Google Adsense.

Ebay and similar auctions.

Affiliate Marketing

Email List Marketing

Direct Sales

The concept is to make a website that promotes some form of product that you sell. This can be a hard good. Something that you have to ship out. Something that could be emailed or downloaded. Many other possibilities. A website is much like an advertising flyer or booklet. A series of images and text describe and promote your product. It is usually fairly static piece of work.

I prefer to do as much of the work myself as possible. This gives me the ability to change things easily and try new things. Contrary to popular belief making a web site is not hard. I use a free program called Nvu. Nvu is open source code and works the best of all the visual editors that I have used.  Just Google Nvu and you will find the site. Nvu is a visual program that you can type your text in where you want it, add pictures where you want. It does most of the coding for you. It also allows you to go in an tweak the actual code to fix inevitable mistakes. There is a final preview where you can see how it will look in a web browser. As a program it was mostly intuitive to learn and free is good.

I also use Core Ftp as a file transfer program. Again free and very easy to use and learn.

I would also recommend getting a book on html (the actual programming language). The one I use (it is dated now but still very useful and affordable) is called HTML In An Instant  ISBN: 0-7645-3627-3.

Using your program and html reference book build a small neat site that tells about your product or service. Provide a way for people to get in contact with you, email, phone, or postal address to buy your product. For details regarding website construction see resource menu at top right.

Next you will need to purchase a domain Name and a place to Host your site. The Domain Name is the form. These are unique so your first choice may be gone. Persevere and try different letter and word combination that relate to your product.

The host is where your site will be on a server that has constant access to the internet. You will have to pay a fee for the name registration and your hosting plan. The hosting plan fee will depend on the size of your website and how much traffic will be visiting it. You can increase your plan if your traffic warrants it. I can recommend  as a well respected service that allows you multiple domains and a huge amount of storage. This is where I host my domains. Easy to use and very good tutorials and help sections. I am all about saving money but it is worth paying a bit for reliable service after all your online income depends on the up time of your website.

Selling Advertising on Your Website such as Google Adsense

Google Adsense is advertising that is generated taking into account the related text on the web page that it is placed. This means it is targeted advertising. Each time a person clicks on your advertising links you are paid a small sum 5 cents to maybe $1.00. This becomes lucrative when many people come to your site and are looking for related products. This income stream is all about numbers. If you have 1000 people per day come to your site a certain percentage will click on the ads. The more people that come the more you stand to make.

Adsense is set up through Google and there is a forum to discuss techniques. It is relatively painless to set up for Google adsense. 

Ebay and Similar Online Auctions

You may have already bought items through ebay. You can sell as well. Again this is easy to set up. You should have a photo of the item you are selling and a good description. You are a little at the mercy of the crowd for your final price but you can set a minimum that you will take. A helpful free tool is  eBay Auction Tutor, free is always good.

 People who make a living off ebay have many products up for sale every day. This will also mean  packaging your product and shipping it out. This is a good way to make some money online and with a good strategy you could make a fair bit. This is moderately time consuming as you have to set up the ads, take photos, package, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

When I first started researching income streams this term Affiliate kept coming up. All this means is that you advertise another persons product or service and they will pay you a percentage of a sale that your advertising brings in to them. So you could design a website to promote someone's product then place a snippet of tracking code on the link to the products home site that you are selling. When a person clicks through the link and buys something from the merchant you get a commission. The affiliate service that you subscribe to then sends you a check or direct deposits to a PayPal account the funds once you reach a minimum threshold (usually in the $100.00 range).

One of my favorites is Clickbank. Clickbank is simplicity itself (see also link under resources menu). This site is free to join and easy to set up. There are thousands of digital products that you can sell in all categories. There is even a blacksmithing ebook! Oops! Was that a little plug? You can choose any product from the market place to sell or you can make your own product for yourself and other people to sell. These products are stored on the persons website server so you only need a very small amount of space on your website for advertising their product.

To earn multiple income streams online you simple sell several products and set up individual small sites to do this. Many little income streams to create income opportunities worth millions. This is the fundamental principle. Have multiple income streams to work at home business to make real money.

Where to Start?

By now you see the potential for many small income trickles to gather together and form a significant income stream, that will at least supplement your current income. Well it is possible to muddle through things and get things half right but it will be laborious and time consuming. People who know me know that I am a very thrifty person and I always research something to get the best deal I can when I buy something. There are many free items that will help you but there are a couple of economical publications that have helped me immensely.

Honest Riches by Holly Mann This is a remarkable ebook written for those of us that are just starting out on this venture. Holly writes clearly and concisely and gives you step by step procedures and ways of generating income streams. She has only been doing this a few years and comes across as a very down to earth person. Holly is a single mom who started this venture without a lot of training and has become quite successful. She is genuinely interested helping all of us succeed at this business.

Her ebook is 95 pages long and not full of filler, and was recently updated. Once you buy her ebook she will send you a new link for every updated version. To me this is a great selling feature since I only have to buy the book once (and not very expensive $37.00 when I bought) and as things change online I will get new information. Very Cool!

Holly also maintains a forum where problems can be discussed and sorted out. There is a really helpful community spirit on this forum. Use the above link to check it out (Resources Menu). The ebook also provides links to many free tools that Holly uses. Free is good when it is available.

Turn Words into Traffic by Jim Edwards  This was actually the first book I bought. Jim is a bit more of a salesman than Holly but his information is solid and also from personal experience. Jim's book is 165 pages long and it takes a while to get through it. He uses a lot of examples and occasionally repeats himself. I originally bought this book to increase traffic to my main  
Artist blacksmith website. Not only did it do this but it started me on this whole income stream adventure. Jim emails you a whole series of bonuses after you buy his book. All of these have good information in them but some I can not use at this time. In some areas it is a bit of a slow process for me to integrate all the ideas. Still Learning!

Incorporating both of the above systems is a relatively new program called One Week Marketing. This is a great system built around using free websites to build an interconnected net to bring people to a purchase page. This describes in detail and truly step by step how to effectively set up this net. Worth Checking out.

In retrospect One Week Marketing gets you started right away with no website expenses. It is reassuring when you can spend a week working on a project and start seeing results at the end of the week. There is potential for real success following the program. Holly's Book and Jim's add to that program well.

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